Let us help you save time and money with private jets

We've designed every aspect of SimpleCharters to make it the easiest way to book private jet flights in the world.

From instant pricing and guaranteed availability, no program matches the simplicity of our platform.

Whether you're new to the expansive charter market or looking to charter more efficiently, discussing your unique situation with a flight advisor will help in the decision making process. 

Custom tailored discussion around your unique private aviation needs

On the call, you'll discuss the following: 

  • How often do you fly private?
  • What does your typical charter look like?
    • How many passengers? 
    • Do you usually fly one-way, round-trip, or multi-city? 
    • Do you have an aircraft preference?
  • Cost-benefit analysis of your existing charter flights 
  • Comparison of charter programs, jet cards, memberships, and more 
  • Deep dive into SimpleCharters and its benefits 

Currently a jet-card holder or charter program member? 

Even if you're still locked-in to a jet-card or other program, thanks to our membership-free program you can easily price shop and compare our availability and pricing.

Scheduling a free consultation is the best way to understand the differences between SimpleCharters and jet-cards, Wheels Up, NetJets, and more. 

Getting Started With Your Free Consultation

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