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SimpleCharters is the leading platform to purchase private air charter flights online.

SimpleCharters is a revolutionary platform that provides clients with the ability to book private jets, without the added costs and restrictions of a membership program. Instant online booking is one of the key benefits– SimpleCharters opens the door to the world of private aviation while freeing you from the costly overhead of jet-cards, membership programs, or ownership.

Whether you’re chartering individually, for business, or to supplement your owned fleet, SimpleCharters is the most practical and reliable charter program in the world.

With SimpleCharters, you can: 

  • Charter the ideal private jet for each trip
  • Avoid costly overhead costs and membership fees 
  • Enjoy guaranteed availability and pricing 
  • Take comfort with aircraft safety and reliability 

For companies looking to supplement their existing private aviation solution, or those looking to begin utilizing private aviation, SimpleCharters’ platform offers direct access to the industry’s most diverse network of aircraft.

What types of private jets are available with SimpleCharters? 

SimpleCharters offers hundreds of different private planes thanks to our tech-powered network of private charter companies. No matter what size aircraft, the complexity of the trip, or the size of your group, SimpleCharters is able to accommodate your flight. 

  • Turboprop: These cost-efficient turboprops are ideal for short regional lights less than 800 miles in distance for between 4-6 passengers. Turboprops are as reliable as jets with less operating costs. 
  • Light Jet: Perfect for groups of 4-6 for longer duration trips, being the most cost-effective option of the various sizes of jets. 
  • Midsize Jet: Known for the combination of flight duration, performance to utilize smaller runways, and larger interiors, Midsize Jets are ideal for 1000-1500 mile trips for groups up to 8. 
  • Super-Midsize Jet: The smallest size of jet always enjoying nonstop coast-to-coast endurance, Supermids are ideal for long duration flights with up to 8-10 passengers. 
  • Large Cabin Jet: For groups of up to 18, large cabin jets offer the most cabin room, comfort, amenities, and endurance of any executive jet option. 
  • Turboprop Airliner: For small groups over 10 people, the turboprop airliner is a cost-effective option with access to thousands of airports around the world. These aircraft are configured with traditional airline seating and hold up to 19 passengers. 
  • Airliner: The ultimate in passenger capacity, these airliners can accommodate up to 160 passengers on average and are available in a wide array of configurations, including first-class, business, and coach. Learn more about large group charter flights here.

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