Partner with the leader in on-demand charter flights

Leverage the SimpleCharters platform to bring more efficiency to your operations

SimpleCharters is the leading platform for booking private charter flights instantly, with no membership-fees or upfront costs. By combining cutting edge technology with the privately-owned fleets of aircraft around the world, SimpleCharters provides travelers with unparalleled access to the perfect aircraft for each mission.

SimpleCharters is will change the way you procure charter flights:

  • Hundreds of aircraft available across the US & Canada
  • No contracts, commitments,  or upfront costs 
  • Price shop and compare options for every trip, with no obligations

For Travel Agencies 

Eliminate all of the lost-time spent researching operators, requesting quotes, comparing pricing, refund policies, and faxing authorizations. 

Supplemental Lift For Flight Departments 

Spare the expensive membership for supplemental lift by utilizing SimpleCharters' pay-as-you-go platform. SimpleCharters partners with flight departments to ensure no productivity is lost in the event of unscheduled maintenance or downtime of company owned aircraft. 

Operate your own charter fleet? 

Speak to an account specialist to learn what it takes to join the SimpleCharters platform.